"Hello everbody, I'm starting a new Mugen project that I had in mind since a long time ago! Allthought Twisted Fate continue being the main project with Kazmer, I'd like to start this other one which has no name for now. It will be a 2D fighting game indeed, but the characters will be related to famous horror movies. The idea is to have the most famous psychopaths of horror movies ever, fighting each other. All with their specific own moves and powers. The first character is almost completed. I mean the model is allready modelised, textured, skinned etc... As well for the sprites. There's only some moves missing. It's only waiting for someone to do the program part! Kazmer is allready working on TW, allthought he can help me, I think I could find the right people here to help me. If you're interested and motivated by this exciting project, I want you! I would do all the graphics part as well for animations and concept. Here is a little pic to give you a taste of what it's about. More information will come up if you people are interested and get involved!" E-mail Marc