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The page to download Mugen from. Elecbyte are the amazing developers of the MUGEN engine. This page also provides useful tools for customizing your Mugen. Thanks for this great free engine!


These Samurai Showdown fighters are very well done and have a wide variety of attacks. KGenjuro puts a lot of time into his characters. I suggest you pay this site a visit

Mugen / Hentai

A good place to get Hentai Mugen characters. Get Nude Mai, Nude Shermie, and other hosted stages and characters here. Also be sure to check out Andre's art in the Sprite Edit section

Maximum Mugen

Fair design, and home of the 'TOP 70 MUGEN SITES'. Also has a good number of characters for download


Easy layout and many downloads available

NeoGouki's Creations

Lots of SNK characters to download and also many stages

VFX Mugen

Great site with great characters, nice stages, and beautiful sprite edits

Mugen Fighter's Guild

A Huge site with lots of sections to browse!