Mugen Installation Program

Mugen Installation Program is a Macromedia Director project I made. However, all you need to view it is a PC and Windows. This project has step-by-step instructions on how to install Mugen, Characters, and Stages. It also has a list of Extra Tools and programs useful for Mugen. This project also has a Help section and an Installation Quiz. The quiz, however, is not finished so you won't know if you got the answers right or wrong. But you can still learn from them mind you! (2MB)


Mugen Character Maker allows you to save, edit, and replace game sprites.
This makes it possible to create your own characters or stages, as well as edit existing ones.

QuickFont is a tool for making fonts for Mugen.


*created by Kazmer13

Screenpack 1 is for MUGEN version 2001.04.00 and above.
It holds 18 Samurai Showdown, 15 Street Fighter, 20 Mortal Kombat, and 5 Killer Instinct characters (+14 hidden/bonus)!

Screenpack 2 is for MUGEN version 2001.04.00 and above. It holds 405 characters!

Screenpack 3 is for MUGEN version 2001.04.00. The theme is 'Mortal Kombat' vs 'Street Fighter'.

Intros & Endings

*created by Kazmer13